Pennisetum alopecuroides 'Moudry'

Pennisetum alopecuroides (Black Flowering Fountain Grass)

Black Flowering Fountain Grass

Also known as P. japonicum, Fountain Grass is an elegant, fine-textured ornamental grass reaching a height of 3 to 4 feet with an equal spread. Black flowers resembling bottle brushes appear in the summer on the outside of the canopy. These attractive, 5- to 7-inch-long flowers persist on the plant from summer to fall but shatter in the early winter. Seeds are widely dispersed giving rise to seedlings in the garden and surrounding landscapes. It can invade surrounding landscapes and becomes a weed in this manner. The foliage of Fountain Grass is bright green during the summer, but turns to a golden brown color in the fall after the flowers begin to die. The foliage arches near the tip and gives the plant a graceful fountain shape.
This graceful plant has a beautiful effect when its image is reflected in water. It is usually massed together in a landscape bed or planted alone or in a small grouping in a perennial border to provide fine texture. It is suited for the residential landscape more than most other ornamental grasses because of its small size. It can `make' a landscape with its extremely fine texture that provides a cooling effect as it blows in even the slightest breeze. Fountain grass also makes an effective, tall ground cover plant or single specimen plant.
The center of the plant becomes open as the plant ages with most of the stems originating along the margin of an open ring. Divide the open clump and replant to rejuvenate it.
The Black Flowering Pennisetum 'Moudry' will self seed and germinate willingly. Division in the spring is a better means of propagation. The cultivars, `Hamelin' and `Little Bunny', are dwarf forms, while `Moudry' as well as `Viridis' are black flowering forms. The color of this cultivar is retained very late in the season.

3-4 Feet


USDA Hardiness Zone 6A to 9A

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