Fundraising is one of the most challenging and exciting things a group can do. We at Fowler's Nursery hope that it is also one of the most rewarding as possible, both in profit and group strengthening. We work hard to grow a quality product and a competitive price to ensure your group can meet the financial goals that you set. We are ready and willing to assist in any way possible. The most popular products we offer are Geraniums in the spring, Garden Mums in the fall, and Poinsettias for the Christmas Holiday season. Although these are the most popular, any of our plants can be used as a fundraiser for a group or organization. We can help in the production of sales materials, including sales sheets, posters and flyers for an additional fee. You and your group leaders choose your selling method (i.e., pre-sell and / or day sale) and selling price; however, plants are not available on a consignment basis. We also offer delivery service to your site possibly free of charge depending on your area and amount you sell.

Everyone can get involved

Selling plants is a feasible fundraiser for all age groups, especially children who can be actively involved in the sell and distribution of a product that will enhance the world around them. Many long lasting lessons can be incorporated into your endeavor including skills in math, science, socialization and self-confidence.

Should you choose to partner with us to grow your group or organization, please contact our office for more information.

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