Compliments 'Perfect Pull Bows'
Common Name: Perfect Pull Bows
Pull bows are a wonderful way to accent your plants. Easy to make, they are flat in a package and you 'pull' a string to make a perfect bow to accent anything from plants to packages. Combine with our pot covers for a total package. Available in A...

Compliments 'Poly Pot Covers'
Common Name: Poly Pot Covers
Available in green or gold....

Poinsettia 'Pink'
Common Name: Pink Poinsettia

Pink poinsettias range in color from mauve to hot pink, depending on your delivery time. Available pot sizes are 5", 7", 8" amd Show Plants. Both green & gold pot covers accent this plant well. We recommend white, eggshell or azalea pull bows....

Poinsettia 'Red'
Common Name: Red Poinsettia

Red Poinsettias are a classic popular color. Available pot sizes are 5", 7", 8" and Show Plants. The color blends well with both the green or gold pot cover. Our favorite bow color is white or red.


Poinsettia 'Red Glitter'
Common Name: Red Glitter Poinsettia

A wonderful novelty color!! Red tones splashed with pink and white shades. Available in pot sizes of 5", 7", 8" and Show Plants. Some bracts will appear more specked than others. Both green & gold pot covers blend with this color well. We reco...

Poinsettia 'White'
Common Name: White Poinsettia

White poinsettias are a creamy ivory shade and will blend with any color pot cover or bow choice. Available pot sizes are 5", 7", 8" and Show Plants. Plants are sleeved and boxed for more efficient handling.

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