Ornamental Grasses

Carex oshimensis ''Evergold''
Common Name: Japanese Sedge

This evergreen sedge is prized for its cascading habit and striking varigation. 


Liriope muscari 'Big Blue'
Common Name: Big Blue Liriope
Dense growth, very tough and hardy, produces lavender flowers in late summer - early fall...

Liriope muscari 'Variegata'
Common Name: Variegated Liriope
Bold white variegated stripes running the entire length of the foliage, can easily brighten up an area...

Muhlenbergia capillaris
Common Name: Muhly Grass
Muhlenbergia is native to the eastern coastal areas and southwest United States,and Mexico. The foliage of this grass is three to five feet tall, blue-green in color. The beautiful pink plumes appear in September. Very drought tolerant. Grows well in...

Panicum virgatum 'Heavy Metal'
Common Name: Blue Switch Grass

Metallic blue blades and upright form without flopping. Airy, pink-tinged panicles in summer and brilliant foliage in fall. Attractive seed heads provide winter food for birds. Withstands seasonal flooding, yet drought tolerant when establis...

Pennisetum orientale Karley Rose 'Karley Rose'
Common Name: Oriental Fountain Grass
Provides a Sunny Border with delightful fluffy rose pink flowers that begin to appear in July and continue to form well into the fall. A slowly spreading grass, it is a vigorous and reliable garden plant. Outstanding! Water well on planting and reg...
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