Allium schoenoprasum
Common Name: Chives

The leaves have a mild onion flavor and are used in soups, salads, and as a garnish. Attractive pink to lavender flowers in late spring to summer. Vigoriously reseeds.


Anethum graveolens
Common Name: Dill
Seeds, leaves and stems are used primarily to flavor pickles. Also can be used in other culinary ways. Great on fish with butter, with potatoes or pasta....

Artemisia dracunculus 'sativa'
Common Name: French Tarragon
This is the real culinary Tarragon. It's narrow shiny leaves have a rich peppery-anise flavor, making it a natural with chicken and fish. It is also a tasty addition to mushrooms, leeks, and potatoes and essential in bearnaise and other creamy sauces...

Basil 'African Blue Basil'
Common Name: African Blue
Vigorous selection produces wonderful purple foliage. Lavender blooms add to its interest. Wonderful choice for adding color to the garden and fresh salads. Plant after weather and soil have warmed. Prefers fertile, well-drained soil. Harvest or pinc...

Coriandrum savitum
Common Name: Coriander (Cilantro)
Pungent leaves used fresh or dried in Mexican and Asian cuisine. Leaves are known as cilantro....

Lavendula angustifolia 'Hidcote'
Common Name: Hidcote Lavender
Erect spikes of lavender blue blooms on silvery grey leaves. Best color of all lavender and grows very compact....

Lavendula augustifolia 'Munstead'
Common Name: Munstead Lavender
Erect spikes of lavender blooms on silvery grey leaves....

Mentha piperita
Common Name: Peppermint
Used in flavoring drinks and cooking. Very aggressive....

Mentha spicata
Common Name: Spearmint

Narron, pointed leaves of bright green.  Used in teas and min sauces. Low growing and vigorous.  Do not place near slow-growing or weak-habited plants.


Mentha x villosa
Common Name: Mojito

As per its name, Mojito mint is a key ingredient in authentic mojitos. Zelty flavor. 


Common Name: Bee Balm

Bee Balm has a beautiful and unique flower. This perennial is very easy to grow and will spread by producing seed as well. The flower draws in pollinators and even hummingbirds. The leaves of Bee balm can be used to make Tea and the flowers are be...

Ocimum basilicum
Common Name: Sweet Basil
Our most popular herb. Used for all sorts of culinary purposes. Can be eaten raw or cooked. Great compliment to tomato dishes, stir frys and italian food....

Ocimum K. x Basilcum Pupureum
Common Name: Dwaft Purple Basil
All basils make tasty flowers, making them attractive, and tasty, for salads, drinks or garnishes....

Origanum vulagare
Common Name: Italian Oregano
Italian Oregano (Common Oregano). A slightly sprawling plant habit with dark green, peppery flavored leaves. Used in salads and to flavor meats and sauces....

Origanum vulgaris 'hirtum'
Common Name: Greek Oregano
Greek Oregano is one very spicy herb. Origanum vulgaris hirtum is the true Greek Oregano with flavor so intense it numbs the end of your tongue when fresh, and like all culinary oreganos, the flower of Greek Oregano is white. Chefs seem to prefer th...

Petroselinum crispum
Common Name: Curly Leaf Parsley
Triple curled parsley that grows compact with dark green, fine cut leaves. Used mostly for decoration and has some culinary value....

Petroselinum crispum 'Italian Plain'
Common Name: Italian Plain Parsley
Also know as flat leaf or celery leaf parsley. Flat, flossy, dark green leaves. Preferred parsley for seasoning and drying. Flat leaf parsley is a host plant for the caterpillar that turns into a Monarch Butterfly....

Rosemary 'Upright'
Common Name: Upright Rosemary

Upright Rosemary has strong, vertical growth with thick fleshy dark green leaves and beautiful blue-violet flowers.


Rosmarinus officinalis
Common Name: Prostrate Rosemary
Ideal for spilling over pottery. A bit less hardy than upright Rosemary. It is a fast growing rosemary. Is a great choice for you landscapers trying to find that extra something for your landscapes. A great choice to use as an evergreen groundcover,...

Common Name: Sage

Purple and Tricolor sage have the same distinct smell and flavor as common sage. This herb is probably most noteable in dressing or sausage but is also used to season poultry, rooty vegetables and infused in butter. Pineapple sage on the other han...

Thymus vulgaris
Common Name: Thyme
18". Strong fragrance with ornamental value. Also has culinary value....

Thymus x citriodorus ''Aureus''
Common Name: Golden Lemon Thyme
Golden Lemon Thyme. A variegated form of lemon thyme with golden-edged leaves, it is colorful and surprisingly fragrant of lemons. The variegation is less pronounced during the hot, sunny days of summer. Space on 18 to 24-inch centers. Lemon thyme ...
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