Ageratum 'Blue'
Common Name: Blue Ageratum
Will attract butterflies all season. Soft blue powderpuff type flowers with a uniform & compact growt habit....

Alternanthera 'Brazilian Red Hots'
Common Name: Brazilian Red Hots Alternanthera
Alternanthera is a structure bedding plant used for mosaic planting and decorative foliage in beds and mixed containers. Narrow red foliage with a compact bushy habit. This is one tough plant that rewards with beautiful colors....

Alternanthera 'True Yellow'
Common Name: True Yellow Alternanthera
Alternanthera is a structure bedding plant used for mosaic planting and as decorative foliage in bed and mixed containers. Yellow green foliage contrasts with bold colors for high visual energy. Compact and bushy habit, with excellent staying power...

Angelonia 'Serenita'
Common Name: Serenita Angelonia

Lush flower spikes on willowy plants that perform well in hot climates, humid or dry. Beautiful in borders, beds and containers.


Asparagus 'Densiflorus 'Springeri''
Common Name: Asparagus Fern
This attractive ornamental foliage plant furnishes complementary texture to mixed containers. It is widely used in hanging baskets and is a great addition to any combination planter....

Common Name: Rex

There are many different varieties of Rex begonias all with unique and attractive foliage. They are commonly used in combination containers as well as even being used as houseplants.


Begonia 'Bronze Leaf'
Common Name: Bronze Leaf Begonia
Begonias are a landscaper's favorite. Superior performance with lots of color punch. They look great all summer until frost. Unlike some plants, begonias will bloom all summer without fizzling out with the summer heat. Little maintenance in the lands...

Begonia 'Dragon Wing Begonia'
Common Name: Dragon Wing Begonia
This angel-wing type begonia is a great, heat tolerant plant that can create a distinctive display in the landscape. Ed's mother uses this on her scalding hot back porch each year, and they are always fabulous. We have seen them in the landscape used...

Begonia 'Green leaf Begonia'
Common Name: Green leaf Begonia

Begonias are a landscaper's favorite. Superior performance with lots of color punch. They look great all summer until fall. Unlike some plants, begonias will bloom all summer without fizzling out with the summer heat. Little maintenance in the lan...

Caladium hortulanum
Common Name: Caladium

Large showy leaves in many different colors! Striking in any shade landscape or container. Another plant that we list in the annual catagory, but is a bulb and can perennialize. There is much debate how to get your Caladiums to survive. Some garde...

Calibrachoa 'Mixed Calibrachoa'
Common Name: Mixed Calibrachoa

This bright annual comes in a wide variety of colors. Small prolific blooms add a beautiful pop to any garden or container. Great filler and spiller for combination planters. Does well in the heat and blooms all summer.


Catharanthus roseus
Common Name: Vinca

Large overlapping flower petals in a mixture of colores and upright, dark green-leafed plants that branch early. Vinca is the best landscape choice for North Carolina's hot dry summers. We usually have vinca ready between the last week in April an...

Common Name: Celosia
Rich green foliage that is covered with bright mixture of colorful plumosa-feather type flowers. Excellent garden performers in full sun to partial shade that will bloom the entire summer....

Coleus 'Mix'
Common Name: Mixed Shade Loving Coleus
Coleus is one of the most colorful plants you can grow in a shade garden. Wonderful selection for a child's garden because of all of the foliage color & interest. Do not confuse with the ones we grow in 4" pots that are for the sun. In the landsca...

Coleus Sunlover
Common Name: Sunlover

Sun loving coleus with beautifully vibrant foliage in many different colors. Great in combinations or standalone.


Colocasia antiquorum 'Illustris'
Common Name: Illustris Elephant Ear
Talk about a conversation piece. This colocasia has intense colors, dark plum leaves that appear black with bright lime green veins that turn darker with age. The leaf grows on dark burgundy-black stems. It has an 6' spread at a mature size. Loo...

Colocasia esculenta 'Black Magic'
Common Name: Black Magic Elephant Ear
This colocasia has intense colors, dark plum leaves that appear black. The leaf grows on dark burgundy-black stems. It has an 8' spread at a mature size. Black Magic grows well on water banks and in boggy areas. Looks stunning when paired with Ip...

Cosmos 'Mix (Lilac, Red, Pink, White)'
Common Name: Sonata Mix

Stocky plants with hugh flowers on a dwarf, upright plant.  This mixed variety includes lilac, red, pink and white colors.


Common Name: Dahlia Mix
A double flowered, early compact mix that will offer orange, red, violet, white, and yellow flowers. Flower size will be about 2 3/4"....

Dichondra 'Silver Falls'
Common Name: Silver Falls Dichondra
Fan-shaped silver foliage that fall gracefully from hanging baskets or combination pots. True cascading habit, drought and heat tolerant....

Dorotheanthus 'Mezoo Red'
Common Name: Mezoo Red Dorotheanthus

This trailing daisy is a sprawling to mounding plant with succulent green leaves edged with white with bright red button flowers.


Dracaena indivisa
Common Name: Spikes
Wonderful to use in combination pots or alone. Gives great height that is needed for combo pots to look more uniform. A plant that we usually sell out of before Mother's Day....

Duranta 'Yellow Duranta'
Common Name: Yellow leaves
Flared blooms followed by waxy, yellow berries. Can be used as a trailing plant or trained to a trellis. Try them in beds, containers baskets and window boxes....

Dusty Miller 'Dusty Miller'
Common Name: Silver Dust
Wonderful gray fuzzy foliage, that is similar to a miniature lambs ear. Has a full habit with 9" deeply lobed leaves. Don't forget to add this plant to your combination planters. This offers great color contrast with all hues....

Evolvulus 'Blue Daze'
Common Name: Blue Daze Evolvulus
Graceful silvery green leaves that boast a colbalt blue simple flower. A wonderful addition to any combination pot. Does not like to be cold. Make sure if you plant it early in the spring season, you protect it when the nights are chilly....

Fern 'Boston'
Common Name: Boston Fern
True Boston Fern that is a must have in your garden center. Our most popular selling basket....

Fern 'Kimberly Queen'
Common Name: Kimberly Queen Sword Fern
Most sun tolerant of all ferns. Extremely tough. Great for porch pots, grows more upright than the Boston fern and has longer fronds....

Gazania 'Mix'
Common Name: Mix Gazania

These flowers with dark-ringed centers in vibrant colors are very atrractive.  The blooms are long lasting, drought tolerant and are ideal for gardens, containers and baskets.  The mix includes several pretty colors.


Common Name: Geranium

Stunning bright flowers with medium green leaves. Excellent heat tolerance. Geraniums are a wonderful mainstay that all gardeners, avid or casual, can connect with. Wonderful in containers. Dead-heading is necessary, make sure you break dead bloom...

Gerbera Daisy
Common Name: Gerbera Daisy

Many bloom color options. Gerbera Daisies are actual perennials but we list them as annuals.


Gerbera Daisy 'Mix'
Common Name: Mixed Gerbera Daisy
A mixture of yellow, white, red, orange, pink, and rose flowers. Gerbera Daisies are actually perennials to zone 7, but we list them as annuals....

Helichrysum 'Licorice'
Common Name: Licorice Helichrysum
Soft gray foliage with no flowers. Very vigorous and striking plant. Grows in a cascading type fashion so is great to use to 'spill' out of your containers....

Helichrysum 'Limelight'
Common Name: Limelight Helichrysum
Light lime green circled leaves that grow on plants similar to the Licorice but not quite as vigorous. A great alternative to Ipomoea, Marguerite if you need something to give a little color splash....

Heliotrope 'Marine Blue'
Common Name: Marine Blue Heliotrope

Vibrant blue flowers that bloom above bright dark green very textured leaves with a sweet scent. Pollinators love it.


Hypoestes 'Splash Rose'
Common Name: Splash Rose Hypoestes

This plant is an excellent choice for pot and combination planters.  The small green leaves are "splashed" with a soft rosy pink color that is ideal for your spring planting.  Plants are dwarf and well-branched.


Hypoestes 'Splash White'
Common Name: Splash White Hypoestes

This plant is an excellent choice for pot and combination planters.  The small green leaves are "splashed" with white color to make a pretty show.  It is ideal for a spring addition.


Common Name: Impatiens

Impatiens will cover a shady area with blankets of color. Use with Caladiums in shade combo pots. Can withstand partial sun if you have access to irrigation.


Impatien 'Dwarf Mix'
Common Name: Dwarf Mix Impatien
Impatiens are the best annual for shady spots. They will cover a shady area with blankets of color. Variety of colors....

Impatien Double
Common Name: Double Impatien

Reliably double flowers bloom profusely throughouth the summer. Great performers in the heat.


Impatiens x hybrida Sunpatiens
Common Name: Sunpatiens

Ipomoea 'Blackie'
Common Name: Blackie Sweet Potato Vine
Wow. What do you say about sweet potato vine. The best thing to come around for the landscape color punch with very low maintenance. Blackie has dark purple-brown leaves. Grows very vigorous, but not as much as Marguerite. Looks great with hot p...

Ipomoea 'Marguerite'
Common Name: Marguerite Sweet Potato Vine
One of the best plants for color punch in the landscape. Will overtake your beds with wonderful bright chartreuse velvety, fan shaped leaves. Loves the summer sun and heat. Thrives in pretty much any condition. Pair with Illustris Elephant Ear an...

Ipomoea 'Tricolor'
Common Name: Tricolor Sweet Potato Vine
A bit smaller in growth but big in impact. Fan-shaped leaves with gray/green, white, and pink variegation....

Common Name: Lantana

Very striking round clusters of often multicolored flowers. Excellent choice for combination planters or in the ground mass plantings or even standalone in hanging baskets. 


Lantana 'Miss Huff'
Common Name: Miss Huff Lantana
A tri-color of orange, coral and gold blooms. Grows upright with wonderful vigor in the hot months. Will continue to dazzle you with growth and color until frost. Is considered a perennial through zone 7, but we list these in the annual & perenni...

Lobelia 'Lobelia'
Common Name: Lobelia
These old-fashioned favorites are sure to attract attention. An elegant, long-season display of showy blooms. The perfect choice for beds and borders. Superb for baskets, containers and window boxes. Best in fertile, well-drained soil. Water as neede...

Lysimachia 'Trailing Lime Green'
Common Name: Trailing Lime Green
Golden yellow clusters on green leaves. Drooping habit is perfect for a basket and for 'spilling' out of any container. Blooms all summer long....

Common Name: Marigold

Solid yellow, solid orange and many bicolor varieties. Great companion plant, great for bright borders and great for pollinators. 


Common Name: African Marigold

Spectacular large double blooms. Compact plant with strong stems and good branching producing many blooms. Great for pollinators. Bright and vibrant blooms.


Melampodium 'Million Gold'
Common Name: Million Gold Melampodium
Vigorous and free flowering yellow daisy-like flowers on light green foliage. Wonderful uniformity and color punch....

Mexican Heather
Common Name: Mexican Heather

Green spiky branches covered in purple or white floret type flowers. Wonderful addition to any garden or container.


Musa 'Zebrina (Rojo)'
Common Name: Musa Zebrina Rojo
This plant has the most attractive green and red mottling on the top and solid maroon coloring on the bottom of the leaves. A STUNNING addition to any landscape and will do well in containers. The stem is completely red. You can't miss this! Defin...

Common Name: Pentas

Well branched habit keeps plants compact. Bright star shaped flowers that group together in a circled bunch atop dark green foliage. Great in combo planters as well as in landscape.


Pepper 'Chilly Chili'
Common Name: Chilly Chili Ornamental Pepper
Blunt nose peppers mature from greenish-yellow to orange and finally dark red. Plants grow 9-10 in tall and offer unusual but beautiful color interest....

Petunia 'Easy Wave Petunia'
Common Name: Easy Wave
Fast growing mounded plants spread 2.5-3 inches and produce a flood of bright blooms all season. The perfect choice for garden beds, baskets, and containers. Easy to grow! Plant in full sun. Keep well watered and feed weekly with all-purpose fertiliz...

Petunia grandiflora 'Double Mix'
Common Name: Double Mix Petunia
Double peony type flowers in mixtures of colors....

Petunia grandiflora 'Petunia grandiflora'
Common Name: Petunia
Provides an abundance of brightly colored blooms all season long. Wonderful for borders, beds, window boxes and containers. Best in fertile, well drained soil, kept evenly moist....

Plectranthus Plectranthus x hybrida
Common Name: Plectranthus 'Mona Lavender'

Beautiful annual with lavender flower spires and attractive dark green and purple foliage. This annual has a natural mounded habit and does great standalone in containers or in mass plantings.


Purslane (Portulaca)
Common Name: Portulaca

Bright flowers that will bloom all summer even in drought conditions.


Purslane (Portulaca) 'Mix'
Common Name: Mix
A mixture of all colors with semi double bloom....

Common Name: Salvia
Spiked flowers in a mixture of colors including purple, red, white and salmon....

Salvia 'Victoria Blue'
Common Name: Victoria Blue
Soft medium blue spikes. Great for combo pots for color height. Looks great with white and pink shade. May perennialize in Zone 7-8....

Common Name: Fan Flower

Flat fan shaped flowers that are a popular choice for summer performance. Excellent plant for full sun beds or containers. Great in hanging baskets. Blooms all summer long.


Setcreasea 'Purple Heart'
Common Name: Purple Heart Wandering Jew
How many names can one plant have. AKA, Tradescantia, Moses in the basket(cradle), Wash Pot Plant, and the list could go on & on. We call it purple heart. A wonderful choice for hot dry conditions. Tiny pink flowers are really not the star of th...

Swedish Ivy 'Green'
Common Name: Swedish Ivy
Leathery rounded green leaves that grow thick over the basket. Will look nice all summer long and can take consumer abuse. Has light lavender blooms, but most choose it for it's beautiful foliage....

Swedish Ivy 'Variegated'
Common Name: Variegated Swedish Ivy
Variegated white & green foliage that grows with absolute vigor all summer long. As a strong fragrance. Grown for it's foliage and wonderful performance. Grows upright just enough to cover the hanger of the basket....

Common Name: Wishbone Flower
Torenia is a great landscape choice, grows similar to impatiens. A colorful mixture of vase shaped bi-colored flowers that mimic snapdragon blooms....

Common Name: Verbena

Perfect variety for early flowering and continuous blooms on the entire plant.  It is mildew resistant and ideal for beds, hanging baskets and mixed containers.  Tiny pink flowers make a very pretty show.


Viola tricolor hortensis
Common Name: Pansy

Pansy's are grown Fall to Spring. They like mild temperatures between 45 and 65 degrees. They cannot handle frost or heat. They are a beatiful tricolored flower. The bottom two, middle two and top two petals each being a different color.


Wandering Jew 'Bolivian Jew'
Common Name: Bolivian Jew Wandering Jew
Small round leaves that hug the basket into a ball shape. A sturdy plant that can take abuse well. Does not flower. Once the plant grows to completely cover the basket it begins to grow downward towards the floor....

Wandering Jew 'Bridal Veil'
Common Name: Bridal Veil Wandering Jew
Soft white baby's breath type flowers that cover this hanging basket all summer long. Foliage trails down the basket and looks true to it's name....

Wandering Jew 'Purple Leaved'
Common Name: Purple Leaved Wandering Jew
Dark purple leathery leaves that grow in a flowing fashion. A beautiful foliage basket. Does not flower, but do we always have to resort to flowers? This is a nice choice for a front porch. Takes abuse well and won't loose it's color and shed lik...

Zinnia 'Profusion'
Common Name: Profusion Zinnia

This early continuous-blooming plant performs well under both warm and cool conditions.  Excellent tolerance to disease.  The beautiful orange gives your garden a real pop!

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