Nandina domestica 'Harbor Dwarf'

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Nandina domestica (Harbor Dwarf Nandina)

Harbor Dwarf Nandina

`Harbor Dwarf' Nandina is a dense, compact cultivar of Nandina domestica. It branches from the ground to form a dense mound about 18 -30 inches in height. Dwarf Nandina has smaller leaves and more branches than the species. Small, pink or bronze, tripinnately compound, leaves emerge in spring and turn orange to red in the winter. The flowers and fruits of this cultivar are also smaller than the species and less abundant.

Harbor Dwarf Nandina is used in the landscape as an attractive and graceful ground cover or edging. Plant on 18-to 24-inch-centers to form a thick ground cover. It is an interesting plant all year round.

Nandina grows in partial shade will exhibit richer-colored red fall foliage than if planted in the sun. Foliage diseases will be less in full sun. Although tolerant of drought once established, rich soil and ample moisture will produce a lusher, better-looking plant. Plants survive with neglect, although regular fertilization encourages growth and thicker plants. With bamboo-like stalks and delicate, fern-like foliage, Nandina is much-prized for its oriental effect and distinctive appearance. This cultivar maintains red foliage in winter and spreads by rhizomes.

Nandina is a low maintenance shrub, requiring only one pruning each year to control plant height, if needed. The tallest canes should be trimmed to the ground or to different heights to encourage growth and to reduce the size. This will provide for more foliage toward the ground and promote a denser plant. Recent selections have produced several dwarf cultivars, and although most of these do not flower and fruit, they do produce vividly-colored fall foliage and can be used as a ground cover.

18-30 Inches


12-30 Inches


USDA Hardiness Zone 7A to 10A

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