Quercus lyrata

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Quercus lyrata (Overcup Oak)

Overcup Oak

Overcup Oak is one of the most wet site tolerant of the oaks available for planting in landscapes. This should make it suitable for many urban sites where poor drainage is the norm. Despite its tolerance to standing water, like many wet sites trees, best growth is often obtained on well-drained moist sites. Leaves emerge nearly one month after many other trees in spring which probably contributes to its tolerance to spring flooding. Pruning should only be needed to eliminate upright branches from competing with the this leader. The tree has not been shown to be tolerant of soil with a high pH.
Overcup Oak is one of the fastest growing trees available for planting in the southeastern US. The interior portion of the crown often cleans itself of small branches, displaying the nice branch arrangement common on most specimens. Oak wood is considered ring porous to semi-ring porous.

45-70 Feet


35-50 Feet


USDA Hardiness Zone 5B to 9A

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