Great Plants Since 1933
Botanical Name     Common Name
Juglans Nigra
Common Name: Black Walnut

These walnut trees are large hardwood trees that will grow a thick trunk with a wide crown. Very desireable for its walnuts but cannot be planted near.


Juncus 'Spiralis'
Common Name: Juncus Spiralis

Spiralis is a diverting and pleasing ground cover used in wetlands and water retention areas. The spiraling green foliage is also a nice accent to combination planters.


Juniperus chinensis 'Blue Point'
Common Name: Blue Point Juniper
Pyramidal form with a teardrop outline. Extremely dense branching. Blue green needle and scale-like foliage. Has been know to exceed the estimated 7-8' Mature Spec....

Juniperus procumbens 'Nana'
Common Name: Dwarf Jap Garden Juniper
This low, wide-spreading ground cover has very fine-textured foliage that hugs the ground. The tallest part of the plant (about 12 inches tall) is usually the center where it was planted. The rest of the plant spreads at 4 to 6 inches above the groun...

Juniperus Virginiana
Common Name: Eastern Red Cedar

This fragrant evergreen has a pyramidal to columnar growth habit and grows small berries on the female trees. Not actually a cedar, it is in the Juniper family.


Common Name: Red Hot Poker
A beautifully vibrant mixture of yellow, oranges, and reds. 32" stems with 8" flowers, vigorous growth....

Lagerstroemia Indica
Common Name: Crepe Myrtle

This plant tolerates some drought and a little salt and will grow
in dry soil. Suitable soil is well-drained/loamy, sandy or clay. The
pH preference is an acidic to slightly alkaline (less than 6.8 to 7.7)
soil. Miami grows best ...

Common Name: Lantana

Very striking round clusters of often multicolored flowers. Excellent choice for combination planters or in the ground mass plantings or even standalone in hanging baskets. 


Lantana 'Miss Huff'
Common Name: Miss Huff Lantana
A tri-color of orange, coral and gold blooms. Grows upright with wonderful vigor in the hot months. Will continue to dazzle you with growth and color until frost. Is considered a perennial through zone 7, but we list these in the annual & perenni...

Lantana 'New Gold, yellow'
Common Name: New Gold Lantana
The most popular lantana we grow. Grows more prostrate than the other varieties. Is a perennial but most use as an annual. Will give an awesome color splash in the landscape and will continue to bloom throughout the fall until frost. A landscaper's d...

Common Name: Lavender
Highly fragrant flowers and foliage attract an assortment of butterflies. Does best in light, well-drained soil....

Lavendula angustifolia 'Hidcote'
Common Name: Hidcote Lavender
Erect spikes of lavender blue blooms on silvery grey leaves. Best color of all lavender and grows very compact....

Lavendula augustifolia 'Munstead'
Common Name: Munstead Lavender
Erect spikes of lavender blooms on silvery grey leaves....

Common Name: Shasta Daisy

Beautiful addition to any perennial garden. They mix well with and compliment all other perennials. Perfect for a border, producing a wall of blooms.


Ligustrum japonicum 'Coriaceum'
Common Name: Dwarf Curly Leaf Japanese Privet - contorted leaf
Distinctly upright in habit and very stiff. Leaves are crowded and seem contorted. Lustrous dark green leaves that are thick and leathery. Curly leaf Privet grows in full sun or partial shade and is tolerant of a wide range of soil types, including c...

Ligustrum japonicum 'Davidson Hardy'
Common Name: Davidson Hardy Japanese Privet
Showing quick growth while young but slowing with age, Tree Ligustrum will grow in full sun or partial shade on various soil types, and is moderately salt-tolerant. The tree seems to thrive on neglect and is used along highways (and not irrigated) as...

Ligustrum japonicum 'Recurvifolium'
Common Name: Curlyleaf Japanese Privet - wavy leaf
A simple evergreen, lustrous dark green, almost black-green leathery leaves. Dense evergreen shrub, can be grown as a small tree. Has perfect, creamy-white, fragrant flowers....

Ligustrum sinense 'Swift Creek'
Common Name: Swift Creek Variegated Chinese Privet
Swift Creek is a chinese type ligustrum. Darker cream color in the varigation....

Liriope muscari 'Big Blue'
Common Name: Big Blue Liriope
Dense growth, very tough and hardy, produces lavender flowers in late summer - early fall...

Liriope muscari 'Variegata'
Common Name: Variegated Liriope
Bold white variegated stripes running the entire length of the foliage, can easily brighten up an area...

Lobelia 'Lobelia'
Common Name: Lobelia
These old-fashioned favorites are sure to attract attention. An elegant, long-season display of showy blooms. The perfect choice for beds and borders. Superb for baskets, containers and window boxes. Best in fertile, well-drained soil. Water as neede...

Lobelia Cardinalis
Common Name: Queen Victoria Lobelia

Easily grown in rich, medium to wet soils and part shade. Needs constant moisture. Tolerates brief flooding. Soils should never be allowed to dry out. Likes part afternoon shade in hot summer climate of the South. Blooms midsummer to early f...

Loropetalum chinense
Common Name: Loropetalum

Beautiful burgundy to dark purple shrub that flowers pink flowers in late winter to spring. Looks beautiful as a flowering evergreen hedge.


Lysimachia 'Trailing Lime Green'
Common Name: Trailing Lime Green
Golden yellow clusters on green leaves. Drooping habit is perfect for a basket and for 'spilling' out of any container. Blooms all summer long....
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