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Botanical Name     Common Name
Salix babylonica 'babylonica'
Common Name: Weeping Willow, Green
This beautiful weeping willow (the best of the green weeping willows) is a hardy deciduous three. It forms a gracefully rounded crown to about 50 feet in height with a spread just as wide. Its bark is dark gray and deeply formed. Branches divide i...

Salvia 'Mix'
Common Name: Mix
Spiked flowers in a mixture of colors including purple, red, white and salmon....

Salvia 'Purple'
Common Name: Purple
Salvia with dark purple spike flowers atop compact dark green foliage....

Salvia 'Red'
Common Name: Red
Compact, well-branched dark green foliage with bright red spiked flowers....

Salvia 'Scarlet Bicolor Salvia'
Common Name: Scarlet Bicolor
Salsa varieties offer unique colors and incedible flower power for maxiumu visual impact. Adds texture and dimension to containers, borders and mass plantings. Easy to grow, warm weather lover. Water generously....

Salvia 'Victoria Blue'
Common Name: Victoria Blue
Soft medium blue spikes. Great for combo pots for color height. Looks great with white and pink shade. May perennialize in Zone 7-8....

Salvia 'White'
Common Name: White
Bright white flowers atop dark green foliage....

Salvia Guaranitica 'Black & Blue'
Common Name: Black & Blue

A must for any garden.  Has brilliant color and performance.  Ideal for beds and mixed containers.


Salvia nemorosa 'May Night'
Common Name: May Night Perennial Salvia
Very floriferous with long bloom time. More compact than some other varieties of salvia. This cultivar is not eaten by the deer!!...

Salvia officinalis
Common Name: Purple Sage
Leaves used for seasoning. Lavender-blue flowers through summer. Perennial in zones 5-9....

Salvia officinalis 'Tricolor'
Common Name: Tricolor Garden Sage
Upright perennial herb with fragrant lavender blue flowers in summer. Grows 15-18 inches in sunny well drained soil. Variegated leaves that are used in culinary seasoning. Tricolor Garden Sage leaves that receive insufficient amounts of sun do not ...

Scabiosa 'Butterfly Blue'
Common Name: Butterfly Blue Scabiosa

This pincushion flower features an outer ring of frilly, flat, lavender-blue petals and a paler center cushion.  Flowers bloom singly on stiff stems.  Tolerates part shade and will bloom from April to fost.


Scaevola 'Blue'
Common Name: Blue Fan Flower
Bluish-purple flat fan shaped flowers that are a popular choice for summer performance. Excellent plant for full sun beds or containers. Great in hanging baskets. Blooms all summer long....

Scaevola 'Pink'
Common Name: Scaevola Pink

These light pink blooms thrive in bright, sunny locations.  They have very good branching with consistent semi-trailing and trailing growth habit.  They are great in conbination planters.


Scaevola 'White'
Common Name: Scaevola White

These white blooming plants thrive in bright, sunny locations.  They consist of very good branching with consistent semi-trailing and trailing growth habit.  They are great in combination planters.


Sedum 'Autumn Joy'
Common Name: Autumn Joy Sedum

Light pink flowers above striking variegated foliage.  Lovely!


Setcreasea 'Purple Heart'
Common Name: Purple Heart Wandering Jew
How many names can one plant have. AKA, Tradescantia, Moses in the basket(cradle), Wash Pot Plant, and the list could go on & on. We call it purple heart. A wonderful choice for hot dry conditions. Tiny pink flowers are really not the star of th...

Common Name: Spearmint

Narron, pointed leaves of bright green.  Used in teas and min sauces. Low growing and vigorous.  Do not place near slow-growing or weak-habited plants.


Spiraea japonica 'Gold Mound'
Common Name: Gold Mound Spirea
Goldmound has yellow foliage and pink blooms. Spirea grows best in full sun or high shifting shade. Plants receiving less than 4 or 5 hours of direct sun become thin and flower poorly. Plant on 4 to 5-foot centers to form a mass planting. As with oth...

Spiraea japonica 'Little Princess'
Common Name: Little Princess Spiraea
Deep pink flowers, fast growing...

Spiraea japonica 'Neon Flash'
Common Name: Neon Flash Spiraea
'Anthony Waterer' type red flowers...

Spiraea prunifolia
Common Name: Bridalwreath Spiraea
double white flowers...

Spiraea x bumalda 'Magic Carpet'
Common Name: Magic Carpet Spiraea

Squash 'Yellow Crookneck'
Common Name: Yellow Crookneck Squash
Bright yellow 5.5-6" fruit with good yield....

Squash 'Yellow Straightneck'
Common Name: Yellow Straightneck Squash
Golden yellow straight-necked fruit 6" long....

Squash 'Zucchini'
Common Name: Zucchini Squash
Dark green, uniform 8-10" fruit that is easy to harvest on open very productive bushy plants...

Stachys 'Big Ears'
Common Name: Lambs Ear
Huge wooly silver foliage that's hard to resist touching. Feels just like a lambs ear. Great to include into a child's garden....

Swedish Ivy 'Green'
Common Name: Swedish Ivy
Leathery rounded green leaves that grow thick over the basket. Will look nice all summer long and can take consumer abuse. Has light lavender blooms, but most choose it for it's beautiful foliage....

Swedish Ivy 'Variegated'
Common Name: Variegated Swedish Ivy
Variegated white & green foliage that grows with absolute vigor all summer long. As a strong fragrance. Grown for it's foliage and wonderful performance. Grows upright just enough to cover the hanger of the basket....
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