Great Plants Since 1933
Botanical Name     Common Name
Quercus acutissima
Common Name: Sawtooth Oak
A fast growing Oak especially in the south. Has a nice spreading habit. Makes a great specimen or shade tree....

Quercus lyrata
Common Name: Overcup Oak
Overcup Oak is one of the most wet site tolerant of the oaks available for planting in landscapes. This should make it suitable for many urban sites where poor drainage is the norm. Despite its tolerance to standing water, like many wet sites trees, ...

Quercus Macrocarpa
Common Name: Bur Oak

Bur Oaks grow relatively fast for an oak tree and can handle drought well. They prefer richer soil but can handle poor soil clay and rocky soils. They get their name from its acorns which have a mossy or bur-like appearance.


Quercus Nigra
Common Name: Water Oak

This medium sized Oak is a fast grower but is a weaker wood than slower growing Oaks. Lives to be about 30-50 years. Prefers moist, rich soils as well as full sun. But can handle part shade and is adaptable to other soil types.


Quercus nuttallii
Common Name: Nuttall Oak
This is an oak that is very underused in the landscape. It is gaining in popularity because of it's adaptability and rapid growth. Has a nice red color in the fall....

Quercus palustris
Common Name: Pin Oak
Pin Oak develops nicely on moist, acid soils and is tolerant of compaction, wet soil and urban conditions. It is very sensitive to soil pH above the high 6's. A native to stream banks and flood plains, Pin Oak grows well in areas where water stands f...

Quercus phellos
Common Name: Willow Oak

It grows in low, bottomland, acid wet sites of flood plains yet is drought-tolerant. It thrives in constantly wet to moist soil, although it has been known to adapt to seemingly impossible habitats. Fibrous root system makes transplanting rather e...

Quercus Shumardii
Common Name: Shumard Oak
A native of the bottomlands of the southeastern United States, Shumard Oak grows well in full sun on a wide variety of soils. Although it prefers moist, rich, bottomland soil where it will grow rapidly, it will tolerate somewhat drier locations. Shum...

Quercus Virginiana
Common Name: Live Oak

The Live Oak is an evergreen tree whose leaves are lost only after the new have began to grow out. They can look rough during an unseasonably cold winter which can give the appearance of being diseased. Great shade tree with broad spreading branch...

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